Pirkka Sivonen

Goldsmith artisan

Designing, drawing, and making different handicraft products has been my favourite hobby since I was a young child. In fact, I was once given an entire workbench with the tools as a present. I created all sorts of objects, from bows and arrows to push cars, from bicycles to things that would buzz – anything I was able to create, disassemble or repair.

When I got the chance to see what a goldsmith does, it became my dream job. Right after finishing my elementary school in 2009, at the age of 16, I headed to Lahti to study to become a goldsmith.

I graduated in 2012 and have since taken part in national and world-level goldsmith championship competitions. I have always had the privilege of working with experienced goldsmiths; here at Atelier Torbjörn Tillander since 2014. Planning and making unique jewellery is exactly what I want to do. Technical solutions and small eye-catching details combine to create balanced and polished final products... All this just makes every day at work so interesting, and the old familiar saying “every day is different” really applies to my job. 

There is always more to learn. Self-critique and the desire to face new challenges and create new combinations, is what I find inspiring in my work. 

Honest feedback from customers and the beauty, balance, and practicality of the finished work create genuine motivation to learn more and grow into an expert, finding my place alongside other experienced master goldsmiths.

Picking berries in a summery forest – these things fuel my creativity.

- Pirkka Sivonen

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